foto find

foto find: a game for the wassaic project

A scavenger-hunt application designed for The Wassaic Project, a non-profit organization located in New York’s Hudson Valley that focuses on community-building through support of local visual and performing artists. This game was developed by a team of four, around the concept of place-based learning as a mode of engaging visitors in the arts. An interactive prototype was built in Adobe InDesign’s Digital Publishing Suite for demonstration.

Serving as Art Director, I was responsible for executing the group’s envisioned aesthetic onto the user interface and building the interactive prototype.

The Team:
Benjamin Ferris, Project Manager
Andrea DeMarco, Art Director
Zack Brown, User Experience
Mary-Anne Ramirez, Presentation Designer


Directions screen

One of four tutorial screens

Clue page

Camera view finder screen

Successful match screen

Badges screen, completed

Gallery screen